Two young chaps on building a tech company.

Roller CoasterLast week we met with Ofir Erlich, Founder of Acceloweb (Acquired by Limelight), to discuss a few of our ideas and get his perspectives on entrepreneurship. Ofir talked about the roller coaster of startup life and how he and his co-founders dealt with it in Acceloweb up until the acquisition.

The start-up roller-coaster has been discussed quite extensively in startup literature but there is nothing more real than experiencing it yourself. Roller coasters are a lot of fun. I personally love going on the tallest and fastest of them. The difference is that this roller coaster is about your life (and the lack of it) and does not have a clear ending point or even a promise the ending will be all laughs and smiles. It feels serious and you can not really choose to get off when you are sick of it.

We decided to start metering our own mood swings on a 1-5 scale and plotting the points in an excel to map out our own roller coaster over time. Keep an eye on the blog to see it coming up!


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